The founder of Msc Educational Society, Late Shri M.S.Chandraiah garu, was a great personality and will remain as a hero in the history.

A hard working personality by birth, struggled a lot and established this empire single handed to provide education to the needy in the rural area in his home town at Wanaparthy, though he had an opportunity to establish educational institutions in the capital city of A.P at Hyderabad, with an aim to provide education to the people of his home town and the surrounding areas. His strong desire never changed at any point of time.

A person, who trusted almighty God, has contributed his life in spreading the awareness of God for the people of Wanaparthy and surrounding areas by constructing temples of Lord SAI BABA, and other divine temples in his own premises in Metpally, Wanaparthy.

A social activist who was also vice president of Red Cross Society, has conducted many blood donation camps and also provided free clothes, food etc…, to poor and needy. A strong believer of god who practiced throughout his life and aspires every youngster and others to follow the same in their life time to yield happiness and prosperity and to respect the Sanskrit saying “Mathrudevo bhava, Pithrudevo Bhava”.

He has installed his parent’s statues in college premises as a token of patronage, respect and love towards his parents. He was an humanitarian, reformer and inspirer to youth an guided his next generation to lead their lives with morals and left behind with us the following lines:


No matter you forget every thing 
But not you're Parents and their deeds

You are the offspring of their offerings and hardships
Break not thy tender hearts with your stony acts

Squirt not venom who offered you ambrosia and
They are the ones starved thy self to bring you up

Remember how they adored you and fulfilled your desires
Forget not to meet thy wishes

Trillions worth worldly wealth does not equate thy parents
Wealth sans charity is a flower without fragrance

Serve like a son to be served
Forget not! You beget what you did

Let not your mother's eyes be damp with tears
She who bearded the damped rags to keep you warm

They made your path of life a plot of flowers
Let there be no thorns in their exit journey

Abundant riches can be acquired in a life time!
But not parent leave not their sacred feet 
"Parents are Manifestation of God Almighty"